Turf Grass

A lawn that is lush, weed free, and green year round, who wouldn’t want that? We are seeing a big trend towards artificial turf for the low maintenance, beautiful appearance, and longevity that it offers. While artificial turf can be a significant investment, it provides great enjoyment and can last years or even decades depending on the amount of foot traffic in the particular area and the care it is given.  

The artificial turf we install comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 8-15 years depending on the style chosen. In many cases turf will last years beyond the warranty. 

The most popular choice with our clients has been turf style SS80P, and we recommend it for most turf applications. However there are several other options available. If you’re interested in the options, please request that via email and we will provide you with information and/or samples. 


Top 10 Advantages of Turf:

  • Reduce water usage and waste through irrigation and sprinklers.

  • Minimize dust, dirt, and allergens around the property.

  • Does not require mowing, edging, trimming, or fertilizing.

  • Stays green and beautiful year-round with a minimum amount of care and grooming.

  • Easily rejuvenated if neglected, repaired if damaged, and modified if changes are desired.

  • Potentially increases the form and function of a property with entertaining amenities such as bocce, golf, and yard games.
  • It can be installed on non-porous areas, reducing radiant heat and glare from side yards and patios.
  • Stabilize slopes, increase usable backyard space, and enhance the look and appeal of the property.
  • It decreases the need for pesticides and may reduce mosquitoes, fleas, and other common pests.
  • Artificial grass rebates can be a helpful incentive depending on your city and state.